Hi there!

Wow, you made it to my personal website! Welcome, mate!

Don't take all the brouhaha and nonsense on these pages too seriously...

Take care


April 5th, 2007 Eric is here! 2130g heavy and 45cm tall
December 20th, 2006 We've received the keys to the house in Gatineau
Happy Easter! May the chocolate Easter bunnies be with you (at least long enough so you can eat them)
March 25th, 2005 Pictures (Yasmina '04, Winterlude '01, USA '99 (update))
February 5th, 2005 Pictures & Apartment: Implemented gallery functionality, i.e. you can now move to the next or previous picture of the topic. Click on a picture and you'll see next and previous links just above the picture. Use them to navigate around. There's also an overview link that will bring you back to the normal display.
February 1st, 2005 Where I'm living: Redid Address & Map pages and added satellite pictures
January 21st, 2005 Pictures (Zurich '97)
January 19th, 2005 Pictures (Atlantic Canada '04 (update), Kayaking '04, New Foundland '03 (update))
October 5th, 2004 Pictures (Atlantic Canada '04 (teaser))
September 30th, 2004 Pictures (Zurich '04, Christmas Cookies '02, Atlantic Canada '02 (update))
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